How I Benefited from Goals and Planning

Had it not been for finally setting some goals and doing some better planning, I have no doubt I would not be where I am today, down 30 pounds and looking better than I have in years.  When I first heard about the Paleo lifestyle, I read some articles and blogs and decided I was in.  I would start eliminating all those bad carbs, eat more fat and watch the pounds fall off.  But then I ran into days where I hadn’t planned dinner and didn’t have any healthy choices in the house.  This left me to either go with some non Paleo options I had or go out to eat and hope for the best.  I also had days when lunch and snacks were also an issue having not shopped for anything. read more

A Year and a Half of Paleo!

I cannot believe it has been over a year and a half since I began this Paleo “diet”.  I cannot stress enough that this is not a diet!  I know, because I’ve done diets before and nothing compares to the ease and benefits of Paleo.

For one, I have been doing this a year and a half and nobody diets for that long.  Diets are a way to lose weight fast but rarely do you keep the weight off.  I started out weighing 214 pounds and have been at 183 – 185 for almost a year.  This has not been a roller coaster of losing weight, putting it back on, losing it again, etc.  I have been able to keep the weight off without adhering to strict rules, calorie counting or points.  I simply eat the foods I know are good for me and by doing this, I rarely get hungry.  Also, I feel different.  My constant back pain is no longer, which I attribute to both losing weight as well as reduced inflammation.  The way I was eating before (lots of carbs and bad food choices) included so many foods that were inflammatory and Paleo foods are VERY anti-Inflammatory. read more