How To Break Through Your Weight Loss PLateau

So you’ve been on this new diet or workout routine for a while now and things are going well!  And then, like just about everyone does, you hit a plateau.  Either you just stop losing weight, your waist isn’t getting smaller or your workout routines become boring.  So how do you break through a plateau?  You think back to the saying, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results.  And this is when you know it’s time to switch things up.

I had been doing Paleo for about a year and could not believe how well it was working!  I was losing weight, feeling healthier and becoming more fit.  I would weigh myself and check my waist measurements once a week and marvel at the progress.  That is, until I stopped seeing it.  I hit a plateau!  And this is when I made some changes.  My workouts consisted of the same weekly routine using the same amount of weights every time.  So I decided to challenge myself and up the weight a few pounds as well as add an extra cardio session each week (I was only doing one or two).  I also decided to give intermittent fasting a try after doing a little research on it. read more

Use A Vision Board To Help Lose Weight

Vision Boards are not just high school projects!

Did you ever have to make a vision board in school?  You know, a board that you would glue positive quotes, your future dream house or car, perhaps a picture of a family with a dog?  I remember doing a couple of these and at the time, I had no clue as to why I was making them.  I figured it was some sort of goal setting exercise or dream board, but I don’t recall ever really being TAUGHT as to how to use it.

It wasn’t until later in life that I began to understand the power of visualization.  How the subconscious mind does not know fact from fiction and will manifest what you tell it.  There is TRUTH to the sayings, our inner world creates our outer world and our potential ends where our belief stopsAnd that is why I feel is it so important that in anything we are trying to accomplish, we have something we can look at every day that will not only motivate us, but will help us actually BELIEVE that we can accomplish our goals.  A recent article in Forbes says, “by visualizing our personal and related financial goals we can focus on them more, they feel more real and they feel more possible. We also become better at actually moving toward them.” read more

When To Make Difficult Decisions

I wanted to expand a little more on my last post about building momentum because I think there is SO much that can be said and done about this.  One thing I’ve learned is that in order to make ANY type of change in your life, whether it be weight loss, stop drinking, earn more money, etc., it takes work and most, if not all of that work, will at first be uncomfortable.  And if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, you might find yourself tuning out much of your life on a daily basis.

Let’s look at weight loss since that’s an area I’m very familiar with.  Of course it’s easy to be motivated at first and get to the gym those first couple weeks as well as eat pretty healthy.  So why do we go back to our old ways so quickly?  Because going to the gym and eating healthy is uncomfortable!  It’s SO much easier staying in bed instead of waking up early.  And a piece of chocolate cake is SO much more satisfying than an apple.  So how can we push on when faced with these challenges?  We really need to look at EVERY decision we make and be aware when we have the opportunity to make those decisions. read more

Build Momentum

Sometimes if I’m reading a book or article or if I’m listening to a podcast, I could get loads of information which I forget most of but it’s those subtle things that stick my your mind that make it all worth while.  I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guy was talking about reinventing your life.  He covered everything from writing down your goals, changing habits, etc.  But for whatever reason, one thing stuck with me and that was, “Build momentum.” read more

How Much Technology Do I Really Need?

I made a stop into a well known sporting goods store this week in search of some new shoes. An athletic looking twenty something year old asked if I needed any help selecting my shoes and I lied, telling him, “No, just looking around.”  He vanished as quickly as he appeared and left me staring at options I didn’t know I had.  Running shoes, cross training shoes, tennis shoes, walking shoes.  And of course, each category had various brand options.  I could opt for the well known Nike or Under Armour but which ones?  Some looked like they were designed by aerospace engineers and would instantly make me faster and able to jump higher.  Some had dials, some had no laces and some looked like feet. There were high dollar versions and low dollar versions.  And then there were the lesser known brands I’d never heard of. read more

The Fifty Foot Goal

Just like most people, I often struggle to go to the gym or get outside and go for a run.  There are days I’m just not feeling it and convince myself it’s OK to skip a dy.  And of course, there’s the guilt that sometimes goes along with it that makes me wish I had gone.  But one day I realized something.  I can never remember a time I got in my car to go to the gym, only to get out of the car and walk back inside the house.  Or a time I made it outside to the street or the sidewalk for a run but changed my mind and came back inside.  The decisions was ALWAYS made prior to me getting to the car or outside,  Which is why I created my fifty foot goal. read more

Let Your Mess Be Your Message

A couple weeks ago I came across a Facebook post by someone I follow and he had written a short message.  His message was, “your mess is your message”.  I was intrigued bu the title and what he had to say.  And while this post is not exactly what he was trying to get across, it got me to thinking.  Thinking about how so many of us have things we want to work on in our lives and are constantly looking for ways to improve those areas.

This lead me to something I have read MANY times in MANY different books.  And that is, “If you want to do something, find someone who has done it and do exactly what they did.”  I thought about that and the people I study to improve different areas of my life.  And that’s when I came to realize something.  I realized that the people I was most interested in learning from were the people who overcame the biggest obstacles.  If I want to lose weight, I want to hear from the guy who lost 100 pounds and is now in great shape.  If I want to learn about getting out of debt, I want to hear from the guy who was near bankruptcy and is now financially well off. read more