One Month Progress Report – And a Pitbull Sighting!

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So one month in and I am starting to actually FEEL some differences.  Obviously I could see the scale and tape and know there was very good process.  But one of the main reasons I wanted a lifestyle change (choosing not to use the word diet) was to feel better.  Mainly, I was very tired during the day and I have some back pain I am attributing to sciatica and have heard that the low carb approach helps with inflammation.

While the first few weeks I did not notice that instant burst of energy all day long or back pain vanishing, I definitely am now noticing I am not as tired during the day as well as (and I wasn’t expecting this) my appetite has gone way done.  I realized there were times I was eating just because I wanted to or out of habit and not because I was hungry.  So I decided to skip a couple meals to test myself and was actually pretty surprised how easy it was.  One morning I skipped my early breakfast, went to the gym with my wife and ended up having my first meal at 11 AM (scrambled eggs and chicken sausage) and not having another meal until dinner (Taco stuffed sweet potato). I did have some fruit in between but there was ZERO craving. I am beginning to understand that sometimes I eat becasue I like the taste and pleasure of the food and not for fuel.  Liking this!

As far as the back pain, it is still there so hopefully I will notice some relief soon or it’s to the doctor.  I do some stretching and have invested in an inversion table and hope these help but it is limiting my heavy workouts.

So what happened week four? More weight loss!  I was concerned because my weekly measurement around the belly really didn’t show any loss.  I have since learned that the initial two week loss was more than likely water weight and fat loss can come from different places at different times.  But my weigh in went from 199.1 to 197.7 so another pound and a half! And while I did not see any loss of inches in the gut, I know it’s coming from somewhere, and looking at the pictures, I am thinking it’s the upper body.

Workouts – As far as workouts, no real changes this week.  Kept up the gym and a bike ride but am committing to the sprints this weekend after reading a little more on the benefits of sprinting.  I do worry a little about the back but we’ll see how it goes.

Diet – As I mentioned, I did cut down on meals and did allow a couple off the grid treats (I’ve decided to not use the word “cheat”since that sounds so negative).  We were invited to a Pitbull concert and had a few beers on Friday night (and got to meet him as well!!) and on Sunday, I had a craving for a burger from one of our local places and let myself indulge. I feel like allowing these keeps me from feeling like I am missing out on things I enjoy and does not make me feel like I have failed so as long as I limit them like I have been, I can stay on track.

Takeaways – I think my biggest takeaway this week is not to measure every week.  I have read where some only measure once a month and weigh weekly and I think I will maybe check every other week for now, possibly changing to monthly.  The reason being, fat comes off from various areas of your body at different times and often, belly fat may be the last to go!  So no reason to be discouraged if the inches are not coming off like you thought.


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