Five Week Paleo Results and Cryo

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Week five of the Paleo lifestyle is in the books! I really am starting to wonder why I did not follow this years ago.  Feeling more energy, not as hungry and loving the food! I did decide not measure this week and instead, will begin checking every two weeks.  As far as my training this week, I kept the same schedule but did some sprints on Wednesday.  This was MUCH more painful than I thought.  That pain in my back radiated when I ran, getting me to purchase a Groupon for three sessions of Cryotherapy.  I’ve heard good things about it and figured the $40 was worth the try.  As of today, I have gone twice but still have the pain.  Fairly confident the third won’t make a huge impact but I will be going again this week and then a doctor.

So for the results…I am up 1.3 pounds.  What the heck!!  I was very tempted to measure just to check but I can tell my clothes are a litlle looser so I am attributing the higher number to a couple things.  First, my wife and I went out to a GREAT steak dinner for her birthday the night before and shared a Creme Brulee for dessert.  We DID manage to avoid bread and weren’t even tempted.  But I have a feeling my large steak, the wine, bacon wrapped shrimp and dessert is one of the culprits.  The other thing may be muscle weight.  i have been staying on schedule with my workouts and have gone a little heavier on the weights as well.  So, no discouragement in the weight gain and looking forward to next weeks weigh in.

6/26/2016 208 40
10-Jul 201.4 -6.6 38
7/17/2016 199.1 -2.3 37.5
24-Jul 197.7 -1.4 37.5
30-Jul 199.3 +1.6

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