Six Pack Abs in Just 730 Days!

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I was standing in line at the grocery store and could not help notice the headlines on the magazines.  Flat Belly in Just Thirty Days! Bigger Biceps in a Week! The Trick to Getting Bigger in 90 Seconds (true headline!).  As I studied these obviously well written grabbers geared to our obsession with instant results, it got me to thinking, do these really help us or is it in reality, do us an injustice?  I mean, I know I’m not going to have a flat belly in thirty days with out some major surgery.  But I would love it if I could!  And so I buy the magazine.

We live in a world of instant gratification, the world of the quick fix.  And we can get it!  I can pull out my phone and in a matter of seconds, purchase a book to read on my device.  I can order something on Amazon and have it at my doorstep the next day.  I get upset if a download takes more than ten seconds. We can lose twenty pounds in a month, feel like we accomplished something and then put another 25 on.  We can see our waist line shrink in 90 days and feel like we accomplished something. I hit the 90 day mark and was successful.  But then what?  Is this why so many people fail to stay on a long term plan?  These magazines know that what sells is something I can get NOW and not have to wait so long.

What if there were headlines geared towards those interested in becoming doctors? Learn to Cast a leg in 4 Simple Steps!  Sew Up a Scalp Like a Surgeon in 90 Days! Be Delivering Babies in Less Than a Week!  Now, most of those may actually be true.  I bet I could learn to cast a leg or sew up a scalp in a short amount of time.  But that obviously would not make me a doctor.  I would have to understand the human body, have practice working on various situations, etc.  In other words, years of training!  So why do we look at our health or our appearance as a quick fix? I have been fortunate enough to talk with trainers, professional athletes and regular people like me but who obviously take care of their bodies and there is one thing they all share.  It’s their lifestyle and their continuous education.  They know that in order to look and perform the way they do,  they must eat well day in and day out and understand how to eat.  They know what foods to avoid and why. They know the importance of sleep and try to get a minimum of seven hours each night.  They not only work out but they have studied or have trainers that have taught them when and how to workout to get the results they need.  And they’ve been doing this for years.

So are these headlines hurting us?  I’ve seen countless people give up if they didn’t lose the pounds they wanted by trying the quick fix diet.  Or, as I mentioned earlier, make it the the 90 days and go right back to their old ways. As much as I do want the flat belly and big arms in a few weeks, deep down I know that the only way to do this is to maintain a lifestyle and learn as much as I can.  Looking for long term results requires long term action, not quick fixes.  Think more two year Associates Degree and not 90 Day Certificate.  The good news is, results can and will happen.  So change how you approach the changes you are looking for, dig in and go for it! And you will have the results you want in just 730 days!

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