Six Weeks In!


I’m to the point now where I have forgotten how many weeks in I am, which tells me I am starting to feel this is simply a new way to eat and not a 90 day, get results thing. And if imitation is the best form of flattery, my brother in law asked what I have been doing to get these results and he is now changing his eating as well!

This week I did measure as well as weigh and, as expected, the weight loss was very good.  I think this is because, as I mentioned last week, my Friday night (the day before weigh in) huge steak birthday dinner with my wife may have contributed to my gain last week.  But still very pleased!  First thing Saturday morning was to measure the belly.  While not a huge loss, I am now at 37 inches (down from 40).  I do believe this will be some of the last fat to go since my weight for the week was 196.5, down from 199.3 last week.  It’s so hard to say where the weight is coming from since I see myself every day, but I do believe my upper body is showing some definition.  I am going to go ahead and attribute this to weight loss and heavy lifting.

This week, while looking for some outdoor activity, I did my usual bike ride and was also invited on a kayak fishing trip!  I had done this before and knew I would get some good, upper body work as well as cardio and that was again the case.  I did have a burger and bowl of ice cream yesterday and will probably keep Sunday as a day to go off plan a bit.  I really do feel like this allows me to still enjoy some of my vices and not feel as though I can never eat them again.  I tried the Body for Life plan a while back and remember the importance of an entire cheat day each week (which I REALLY took advantage of).  Not sure I will go off plan all day but maybe a couple treats for myself without feeling any guilt.

My kids were around most of the week, which made cooking a little difficult since not every Paleo/Primal meal was on their meal of choice list.  But a lot of chicken, two pork loins, some grilled veggies and, as a recommendation from my daughter, Smashed Potatoes!  I never had these and they were awesome. In fact, cooked a few up the following day as well.  I tried to see if this was actually Paleo and saw some say yes, others say no.  But I will keep these in rotation, just not that frequent.

Next week is vacation in Florida with two other families so there will be a challenge to stay on plan, but I’m pretty confident.  We’ll see!

6/26/2016 208 40
10-Jul 201.4 -6.6 38
7/17/2016 199.1 -2.3 37.5
24-Jul 197.7 -1.4 37.5
30-Jul 199.3 +1.6
6-Aug 196.5 -2.8 37

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