How to Properly Prepare Lettuce Wraps


I have tried for years to make lettuce wraps (thank you PF Changs) but have always had difficulty getting a large leaf that would hold my prepared food.  I constantly ripped the leaf I was trying to use, regardless of how careful I was being.  So I finally Googled my dilemma and to my surprise, there were a number of videos, all suggesting the same method.  And it was surprisingly simple!  By removing the stem and running water over the head of lettuce, the water allows the large leaf to peel off as a whole piece, eliminating the need for careful pulling and tearing as well as the frustration that comes along with it.  I have included one of the videos that explains the process.  I have used these leaves to replace just about anything that required a bun or tortilla (Hamburgers, burritos, wraps, etc.) and the taste is fantastic.

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