Staying Paleo on Vacation


“How about a 20 mile ride tomorrow morning?”,  my brother in law asked with the enthusiasm of a school kid on his first day of summer.  “We can head out about 7 AM and be back in time for the beach!”

This is my vacation.  A twenty mile bike ride on a rented, one speed beach bike did not sound fun so I politely declined while four of our other vacationers accepted the offer.  I began to wonder if my next seven days on a beach in Florida would lead me to bad eating decisions and if maybe the ride was a good idea.  After all, aren’t vacations a guaranteed weight gain?  I decided then and there that I would stick to what I’ve been doing the past two months.  Stay away from bread, pastas, refined foods, sugars and anything else I did not need.

The others had arrived at the house a few days before my wife and me and the refrigerator had already been stocked.  Fortunately, a few of the guests do try to eat healthy so a nice supply of eggs, meats and veggies were on hand.  As were two Key Lime Pies, cookies and bags of Doritos.  This may be harder than I thought.  But the first two days, I kept to the plan and kept myself satisfied as far as meals go.  Eggs and bacon for breakfast, some fruits and nuts for snacks and fish and veggies for dinner with no bread, pasta or dessert.

We ate out most nights and again, meats, salads and grilled veggies were par for the course.  Something else my wife and I have been doing is sharing meals.  Anyone can see that the American restaurant portions are huge and I have yet to share a meal and not feel satisfied.  In fact, I feel much better!  I don’t have the “stuffed” feeling and my wallet isn’t as light as it could have been.  I do have to admit that we shared a bread pudding dessert one night and I had a burger on the boat but as I have mentioned, I am allowing this so I don’t feel deprived of things I enjoy. so far this has worked great.

Although I did not participate on the long bike rides (they ended up going twice on the twenty mile ride), my wife and I did take short rides into town (roughly two miles), took long walks on the beach and got in some great ocean swims almost daily.  We also went on a banana boat ride and a deep sea fishing trip, both of which I considered exercise.  The others were killing themselves with, in addition to the long bike rides, morning runs in the hot weather.

Overall I was very satisfied with our trip.  We did not look at our vacation as an excuse to eat whatever we wanted, knowing we would beat ourselves up as soon as it was over.  This was even more obvious when, on our last day, my brother in law, with a look of defeat, announced he had gained four pounds on the trip.  This despite the long bike rides and multiple runs.  I was starting to see that this Paleo philosophy is truly working.

We arrived home Saturday after a fun filled week and I planned on a visit to the gym Saturday morning for a workout and weigh in, unsure of where I would be since I did not weigh the week prior.  For the first time I can remember, I lost weight over vacation!  Two weeks ago I checked in at 195.3, down three pounds from two weeks ago.

Eight Week Results

blogFullSizeRender (1)

6/26/2016 208 40
10-Jul 201.4 6.6 38
7/17/2016 199.1 2.3 37.5
24-Jul 197.7 1.4 37.5
30-Jul 199.3 1.6
6-Aug 196.5 -2.8 37
21-Aug 193.5 -3 36.75

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