I was a Boot-Camp Junkie


Yes, I was one of them, the boot camp junkies.  Up at 4:30 AM three days a week for an early morning, outdoor butt whooping and a Saturday 7:30 AM class.  An occasional run with a friend if the weather was nice would add to my “cardio” day.  But one thing I noticed was not happening.  I wasn’t losing weight.  But why?  Doesn’t lots of cardio cause weight loss? After all, I’m working my butt off and getting up early!  And I like to think I was eating fairly clean, although it was easy to cheat, knowing I did more than enough cardio to justify it.  So why am I the same weight and so tired all day?  Now don’t get me wrong! These classes are GREAT and, if combined with proper eating, will definitely get results.  It wasn’t the classes that weren’t working, it was ME!

Obviously, I am fairly new to the Paleo/Primal way of living but there is something extremely important that I have learned in this early journey and that is the importance of education.  Too many of us run head first into a new fitness trend or boot camp with the sole purpose of burning calories or lifting weights to get into great shape.  But what we are missing is understanding how our bodies burn fat, as we continue to feed on the things that we are constantly trying to burn off with little or no luck.

With some reading, videos and talking with those in the industry, I have started to better understand the role of insulin, glycogen, fat storage, burning fat, too much insulin and how too many carbs can equal too much glycogen, thus increasing our insulin production (see where I’m going here?).  In all my years of athletics and working out, no one ever explained this to me and I feel somewhat cheated!  Understanding how to get my body to control the insulin and burn excess fat, and understanding the role of carbs may be the biggest “ah ha!” of this experience.  Not to mention has allowed me to stop the 4:30 AM wake up call and killing my self trying to run three miles.

The little I have learned so far in regards to the science of weight loss, HIIT workouts and growing muscle has, in two short months, changed my body (still a ways to go!), got me excited about fitness and allowed me to actually share some of my knowledge with a few friends who are starting to notice the change and ask me about it.

I have watched this video a few times (along with many others) and it gives a great example about how our cells work with glycogen, insulin and fat loss.  Enjoy!


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