The Carb Police

Diet Police Fridge Magnet

“You look great!  What are you doing?”, asked a neighbor I had not seen in a couple months.  After explaining how I have gone low carb, paleo, primal (call it what you will) I was met with a look similar to one my mom gave me after failing a math test in seventh grade.  “You know that’s not good for you”, he explained.  “You have to eat more carbs.  What you’re doing is actually bad for you.”  I nodded my head up and down, listening on as he gave me a quick lesson his trainer taught him, thanked him for the information and went on my way.

I get it.  There are countless articles telling us to eat more carbs, eat less carbs, do more aerobics, do less aerobics, etc.  So who is right?  Is there absolutely one answer to all this?  I almost feel like the great carb debate is similar to today’s Presidential debates.  As soon as you meet someone voting for the candidate you are not voting for, they immediately give you every reason as to why you are wrong, how bad your candidate is and how great theirs is.  I choose not to participate.

I have tried both heavy carb and now low carb and while I am only a few months into this, the low carb approach is working better for me and I choose to let my results speak for themselves.  I am not out to prove something is better than the other, just to  better myself and losing 15 pounds, gaining muscle and not being tired during the day has shown me I have made the right choice for me.

That same evening I spoke with my neighbor, he texted me. “What was that web site you were talking about?”, referring to Marks Daily Apple, a site I often mention when someone wants more info on what I have been doing.  I texted him the site, encouraging him to check it out.  Now if I can get him to change his mind on his presidential candidate.

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