My New Gym?


As I get further into the paleo/primal lifestyle, one thing has become very clear and that looking fit is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.  And yet, I still feel the need to get to the gym as often as possible, feeling like it is a MUST if I want to stay fit and lose weight.  I attribute this to years of being in the mindset that, “exercise equals weight loss”.  Being a gym regular for the last ten years really didn’t change my body at all, which is why I would get to a point where I felt I was too heavy, try some quick fix plan or diet, lose some weight and put it back on as soon as I did.  And in my mind, I felt I just needed to work out harder!

For the last three months, I have cut down on my gym time and looked for ways to have FUN and get my exercise in.  This has led me to more biking, walks with my wife, slack lines and an occasional workout at the park.  I also have started doing a 15 minute HIIT workout in my house. And I am now in better shape than I ever was when I was trying to workout harder at the gym. Which leads me to the point I am at now and that is walking away from my gym membership.

There are a number of exercises that work the full body and can help me grow muscle.  Not to mention, just about any local playground can give you a GREAT workout.

I continue to see the same people at the gym, doing the same workouts, attending the same classes and looking the same and I was right there with them.  Now that’s not to say that many are there just to stay in shape and be healthy as well as enjoy the social aspects and I get that completely.  I do enjoy the social part of going to the gym, I just wonder if it’s worth the money I’m spending monthly.


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