Am I THAT Old?


I saw a funny post on Facebook yesterday that made me laugh and was so true.  The post was, “I hate when I see old people and then realize I went to high school with them.”  I’m sure many can relate to this but something else I’ve noticed is what some of these “older” people say, either out loud or on social media.  Quotes about being old, how much it sucks, how fat they are, etc.  And in just about every case, they are!  But why?  There’s a great quote by Paulo Coelho that states, “You are what you believe yourself to be.”

There’s a very simple way to start making changes in your life and that’s to stop not only telling yourself these things but BELIEVING them! I talked in an earlier post about visualization and how so many people from professional athletes to students spend time seeing themselves how they want to be.  And in doing so, they are able bring more success.

Your brain cannot differentiate well between real action and mental action. There has been research done showing that thinking about an action — even while your body is at rest — will fire the neural pathways in your brain just as you were actually doing it.  I have found that the more I tell myself I can accomplish something, the more I believe it and the more I end up doing something that contributes to it.  For example, I have been convincing myself that at 54, I can be in better shape than I was in my thirties.  This is something I always wanted to try but never really believed it.  I told myself I’ve tried it before and never followed through and believed every negative thing I told myself.  But as I visualize, I am seeing daily results and have no doubt it is possible.

So my suggestion is to spend a few minutes each day truly imagining a goal you have set, no matter how big or small.  Know in your mind you can do it.  Find examples of others who have accomplished what you are trying to do whether it be weight loss, making money, bucket list items and follow how they did it.  The more of these you read, the more you’ll convince yourself.  And always keep moving forward for that goal.  Before you know it, you’ll start seeing things that convince you it’s possible.

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