How Important is Discipline?

One of the things I’ve noticed on this journey is not so much about what the weight loss and changes to my body I am seeing, but the discipline I have established.  Yes, it was hard at first and I still have those moments of weakness (hello chocolate cake this weekend) but it is becoming a habit.  And this is also starting to have an influence in other areas of my life.

Discipline is a skill that gets better with practice. That means that if you can just begin applying it in one area of your life soon what you learn will transfer to other areas of your life.  When you are able to apply discipline to any area of your life the results will dramatically improve.

My wife and I signed up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and just attended our first of nine classes.  Fortunately, we are not in a situation that requires drastic changes but I hate to admit, we have not been great at handling our money.  Savings could be better, impulse buying could be curbed and investments could improve (or start!).  Something he said that caught my attention is that being good with money is not a math thing (otherwise all mathematicians would be wealthy!) but rather a discipline thing.  Hearing this made my confidence grow.

I know that my lifestyle change for the past four months has proven to me that I have the discipline I need to make changes in any area of my life I want.  The results I see are the reward for my discipline and I feel more excited about that than the weight loss.  Because I know that the weight loss is directly proportionate to the discipline I put into it.  And so we begin another adventure with our finances.

This video is what got me thinking about some of this.  Move to discover what your body is capable of, not to change how it looks.  Our rewards come with the work we put in and abs are made in the kitchen.  Your looks will change but more importantly, you will change.


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