Love the Cheat Meal


The biggest thing I hate about diets is the guilt you feel whenever you “slip” or have a cheat meal.  You mentally punish yourself, feel like you’ve failed again and all that work up to this point is mute.  And so you think to yourself, “Well, I ate that burger so I might as well have dessert!” and go right back to our old habits because the streak of eating right is officially over.  We give ourselves a pat on the back about losing ten pounds or going twenty seven days without slipping but still feel like we failed.

Again, I believe this goes back to the time limits most diets put out there.  The thirty day cleanses or diets, the ninety day transformations, the ten days to great abs, etc.  This is a LIFESTYLE change, not a quick fix.  And I refuse to no longer allow myself to enjoy a good cheat meal.  According to Men’s Health:

A high-calorie meal can temporarily raise metabolism, but not by enough to override the extra calorie intake. Still, there’s a psychological benefit: It’s healthy to momentarily ease up and realize that you can make progress without being boxed into diet foods.

This weekend we were at the Dallas Cowboy game (How ’bout them Cowboy’s!) and I’m sure you know the menu items at these games.  Everywhere I looked were stacks of nachos, soft ice cream, hot dogs, burgers, you name it.  I was not going to miss out on enjoying something so a brisket burger it was.  And it was DELICIOUS! And the best part was, on my weigh in day the next day, my weight had not gone up.  In fact, I take that as weight lost since those high carb meals tend to add a bit of water weight for a day or so.

So I am now I am roughly four months in (I actually don’t count the days anymore) and have lost over twenty pounds and look and feel fantastic.  My definition has improved and I get more compliments and questions as to what I’m doing.  I do continue to hit the gym for cardio and weights but not the extreme cardio I was doing in the past.

So let’s start beating ourselves up over slip ups or cheat meals.  These are well deserved and, in my opinion, necessary.  And if you’re looking for a weight loss plan that works and is not as difficult as most, I strongly suggest the low carb approach.  You won’t be sorry!

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