The Perfect Paleo Taco Shell

Ever since I began eating paleo, I have tried various ways to eat foods that would normally require tortillas. My go to vessel has been lettuce wraps but those can only go so far. A few weeks ago, we had some company and I decided to slow cook some carnitas and make street tacos for dinner (a long time favorite). Since a lettuce wrap just didn’t seem right (I LOVE the small, corn tortillas normally associated with street tacos) I caved and had the tortillas.

This last week we were having family over and my wife suggested carnitas tacos again. So of course, I said yes! But I really wanted to figure out a way to have them without the tortilla so I did a little research. And low and behold, I FINALLY found the perfect replacement and that would be jicama!

I have always loved jicama. I usually slice it up, add some lime juice and top it off with a little Tajin (if you haven’t tried Tajin, I highly recommend it on veggies, fruits like mango, and of course, jicama). So when I saw a few pots suggesting this, I had to try.

In order to get that nice, thin slice you would need, I suggest using a Mandolin slicer. This keeps slices even and thin. You could try a sharp knife but it’s difficult to keep the slice even. Once I had the small “tortillas”, I placed them in a taco shell holder and filled them with carnitas, avocado, lettuce, onion and green salsa. And this will now be a must whenever I make tacos. Obviously the consistency isn’t exactly the same as the corn tortilla but, with a large enough jicama, you get a good sized, perfect replacement.

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