It’s the Food, Mars!

I remember a commercial in which Spike Lee played a character named Mars Blackmon and he was asking Michael Jordan what made him so good.  “Is it the shoes?” , Mars asked. Michael replies, “No, Mars”.  He went on to ask him if it was the shorts, the socks, the jersey, etc.  And while thousands of kids spent hundreds of dollars on shoes they were sure would make them better basketball players, truth be told, they were no better than if they had been playing with an old pair of Chuck Taylors..

It’s that time of year when the gyms fill up with resolutionists, insisting this is the year they start working out and losing weight.  They show up, day in and day out, often paying for the personal trainer, only to get discouraged and stop going a month or two later when they are not losing weight,

I was one of those overexercised boot camp junkies, up at 4:30 AM for two years.  And for the most part, my body didn’t change much, no matter how hard I worked.  But one of the most valuable lessons I learned through those two years was, you cannot out exercise a bad diet! It wasn’t until I began Paleo that I really lost weight.  I still kept up the workouts.  Exercise is important and should be a part of everyone’s routine, but not the tool for weight loss.  After all, eighty percent of your body composition success is determined by how you eat.  Let that sink in.  All those workouts equate to only twenty percent of your body composition.

I think every gym should promote nutritionists along with trainers.  New members should be interviewed and if weight loss is their goal, they should be introduced to a nutritionist.   Or combine the two but focus on FOOD!  People need to learn how their body works, how insulin affects weight loss, how carbs produce insulin.  But instead, the thinking is to get to the gym, workout (often times without trainers which could lead to worse results) and the pounds will drop.

This also applies to the often sought after six pack abs.  There’s a reason the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym”, exists.  It’s the simple fact that, no matter how many sit ups you do, if you’re not cutting down on the calories, you’ll never see the six pack.

Bottom line, if getting the body you dreamed of is on your New Years Resolution list (or just losing a few pounds), invest in studying up on nutrition (obviously I recommend Paleo or Primal).  You will absolutely see results and it’s much easier.  Not to say give up on the gym!  Just use it to get stronger, healthier and in better shape.

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