What Are You Willing To Give Up

I was watching a new Facebook series that follows Tom Brady around, (sorry about last nights Super Bowl, Tom, but awesome performance!) showing us a little of what his routine looks like.  In the first scene, Tom asks a question I think we all need to honestly answer.  He states, “If you want something bad enough, you’er going to have to give up some things.  What are you willing to give up?”.

That question really hit home and got me thinking about, not only things that I have given up but things I also need to work on giving up.  And I don’t mean I have to give up these things completely, but at the very least, cut down on them.

I already have given up the carb heavy diet.  I have given up surfing the web in the morning to more meditation, reading and gym or exercise.  But I think if we are really honest with ourselves, we know we can do better.  But doing this requires discipline and changing your mind set.  I think it falls right in line with, “you can’t keep doing the same thing everyday and expect different results”.


And so I have begun limiting my TV time for more reading.  And most of the reading is something I feel will help educate me in one way or another, whether it be nutrition related, self help, the Bible or biographies.  I’ve also cut back on the alcohol after reading and understanding how alcohol affects my goals.  I’ve mentioned it before but I know I drink too much.  Even though I rarely get “drunk” and never wake up hung over, I know I need to cut back on the vodka.

I also am giving up more of my free time to volunteer.  I strongly believe that giving is one of the most important things we can all do and I have been lacking in this department.  I belong to the Lions Club in my town which is a fantastic club that is always helping out our community and so I am trying to sign up for more activities instead of making excuses for why I could not make it.

Like most people, I have goals I have set for myself and I KNOW there are things I continue to do that get in the way of those goals.  But I have seen tremendous results from the changes I have already made and it’s time to step up and make some new changes.  What changes will you make to reach your goals?  What are you willing to give up?


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