Staying Paleo on Vacation


“How about a 20 mile ride tomorrow morning?”,  my brother in law asked with the enthusiasm of a school kid on his first day of summer.  “We can head out about 7 AM and be back in time for the beach!”

This is my vacation.  A twenty mile bike ride on a rented, one speed beach bike did not sound fun so I politely declined while four of our other vacationers accepted the offer.  I began to wonder if my next seven days on a beach in Florida would lead me to bad eating decisions and if maybe the ride was a good idea.  After all, aren’t vacations a guaranteed weight gain?  I decided then and there that I would stick to what I’ve been doing the past two months.  Stay away from bread, pastas, refined foods, sugars and anything else I did not need. read more

Six Pack Abs in Just 730 Days!

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I was standing in line at the grocery store and could not help notice the headlines on the magazines.  Flat Belly in Just Thirty Days! Bigger Biceps in a Week! The Trick to Getting Bigger in 90 Seconds (true headline!).  As I studied these obviously well written grabbers geared to our obsession with instant results, it got me to thinking, do these really help us or is it in reality, do us an injustice?  I mean, I know I’m not going to have a flat belly in thirty days with out some major surgery.  But I would love it if I could!  And so I buy the magazine. read more

Can I Really Fly a 747?

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One thing I read a hear a lot is that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  And while that makes perfect sense, I still feel like I am losing the game if I am missing a workout or not burning enough calories.  In other words, in my mind, it’s the workouts that will get me results.  And the more I eat just means I work out a little harder or run a little further. But why do I believe that?  Why am I, and many others I see, so focused on getting to the gym or taking that run, instead of putting more effort into our eating habits.  If I can get a good, one hour workout in anytime, why is it so hard to stay away from that ice cream!  But the 80/20 rule is absolutely correct.  How do I know that?  Is it because I did it and I am living proof?  No.  It’s because I have read it and heard it from just about every expert in the field and from people who have done it. So I asked myself, if that’s the case, what percent of eating correctly is mental and what percent is just doing it.  Is it that easy?  Can we really just change what we eat and do a little exercise and look better?  Than why aren’t we?  Because it friggin’ hard! read more

7 Easy Tips for Drinking Alcohol without Ruining Your Paleo Diet or Getting a Hangover

Good info, although not sure about the red wine analysis.  I had always heard it was OK.  One of the things I have to admit I have not given up (and currently don’t intend to) is drinking alcohol. Not that I’m an alcoholic, but I love my vodka, whiskey or tequila after a long day of work!  I stay away from mixers, as suggested, and try not to have a drink too close to bed time (although that sometimes changes on the weekend!).