How Important is Technique When Exercising?

When I first attended one of those 5 AM outdoor bootcamps, they had us pair up with someone and do a series of exercises.  My partner ended up being a fairly fit woman who looked to be in her mid thirties.  One of the exercises they has us do together was a roughly thirty yard bear crawl.  And I stunk the place up.  I hated it mid way before I was finished as I watched my partner cross the finish line yards ahead of me.  “Drop your butt and use your legs for power.  And synchronize your movements.”, she suggested.  So I did.  And immediately I was able to keep up! read more

My New Gym?


As I get further into the paleo/primal lifestyle, one thing has become very clear and that looking fit is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.  And yet, I still feel the need to get to the gym as often as possible, feeling like it is a MUST if I want to stay fit and lose weight.  I attribute this to years of being in the mindset that, “exercise equals weight loss”.  Being a gym regular for the last ten years really didn’t change my body at all, which is why I would get to a point where I felt I was too heavy, try some quick fix plan or diet, lose some weight and put it back on as soon as I did.  And in my mind, I felt I just needed to work out harder! read more