Has it Been a Year??

Yes, it has.  And I can proudly say, it’s been a successful year.  The way I measure success is, was I able to stick with this lifestyle the entire time and the answer is, yes!  After years of fad diets, 30 day challenges, boot camps, gyms, etc., I have finally found, in my opinion, the easiest weight management “program” there is.  I don’t find myself starving, I get to eat great foods and my health has improved since going Primal.

Over the course of the year, I have lost nearly 30 pounds, six inches off my waist and no more back pain (I’m attributing that to the weight lost as well as no more inflammation from bad dieting).  Incorporating workouts has also helped add some muscle to my 55 year old body and I feel stronger now than when I was in my 30’s.  Plus, my wife loves the new body. read more

Love the Cheat Meal


The biggest thing I hate about diets is the guilt you feel whenever you “slip” or have a cheat meal.  You mentally punish yourself, feel like you’ve failed again and all that work up to this point is mute.  And so you think to yourself, “Well, I ate that burger so I might as well have dessert!” and go right back to our old habits because the streak of eating right is officially over.  We give ourselves a pat on the back about losing ten pounds or going twenty seven days without slipping but still feel like we failed. read more

This Not Your Moms Diet


Want to lose weight temporarily, be miserable doing it and put the weight back on as soon as your done?  Welcome to dieting.  Want to enjoy food, never be hungry, lose weight and keep it off?  Welcome to low carb.

I have never met a person that obviously lost a lot of weight over a long period of time and told me, “I’ve been on this diet for two years now!”  That’s because diets are temporary.  I know this because I’ve done them.  Ninety day programs, cleanses, fasts, etc. and they all have one thing in common and that is that they are temporary.  To be honest, I sort of expected the same when I started out moving to a paleo style way of eating.  And BOY was I wrong.  For the first time, I am not checking the time to see when I can eat again, I have more energy, the weight is coming off and I am getting in better shape than I have ever been in (thanks to adding in exercising and working out). read more

Six Weeks In!


I’m to the point now where I have forgotten how many weeks in I am, which tells me I am starting to feel this is simply a new way to eat and not a 90 day, get results thing. And if imitation is the best form of flattery, my brother in law asked what I have been doing to get these results and he is now changing his eating as well!

This week I did measure as well as weigh and, as expected, the weight loss was very good.  I think this is because, as I mentioned last week, my Friday night (the day before weigh in) huge steak birthday dinner with my wife may have contributed to my gain last week.  But still very pleased!  First thing Saturday morning was to measure the belly.  While not a huge loss, I am now at 37 inches (down from 40).  I do believe this will be some of the last fat to go since my weight for the week was 196.5, down from 199.3 last week.  It’s so hard to say where the weight is coming from since I see myself every day, but I do believe my upper body is showing some definition.  I am going to go ahead and attribute this to weight loss and heavy lifting. read more

Five Week Paleo Results and Cryo

images (13)

Week five of the Paleo lifestyle is in the books! I really am starting to wonder why I did not follow this years ago.  Feeling more energy, not as hungry and loving the food! I did decide not measure this week and instead, will begin checking every two weeks.  As far as my training this week, I kept the same schedule but did some sprints on Wednesday.  This was MUCH more painful than I thought.  That pain in my back radiated when I ran, getting me to purchase a Groupon for three sessions of Cryotherapy.  I’ve heard good things about it and figured the $40 was worth the try.  As of today, I have gone twice but still have the pain.  Fairly confident the third won’t make a huge impact but I will be going again this week and then a doctor. read more

One Month Progress Report – And a Pitbull Sighting!

blogweek four

So one month in and I am starting to actually FEEL some differences.  Obviously I could see the scale and tape and know there was very good process.  But one of the main reasons I wanted a lifestyle change (choosing not to use the word diet) was to feel better.  Mainly, I was very tired during the day and I have some back pain I am attributing to sciatica and have heard that the low carb approach helps with inflammation.

While the first few weeks I did not notice that instant burst of energy all day long or back pain vanishing, I definitely am now noticing I am not as tired during the day as well as (and I wasn’t expecting this) my appetite has gone way done.  I realized there were times I was eating just because I wanted to or out of habit and not because I was hungry.  So I decided to skip a couple meals to test myself and was actually pretty surprised how easy it was.  One morning I skipped my early breakfast, went to the gym with my wife and ended up having my first meal at 11 AM (scrambled eggs and chicken sausage) and not having another meal until dinner (Taco stuffed sweet potato). I did have some fruit in between but there was ZERO craving. I am beginning to understand that sometimes I eat becasue I like the taste and pleasure of the food and not for fuel.  Liking this! read more

Two Weeks In!


So here we are!  I decided to wait two weeks to check my results for a couple reasons.  Mainly, I know after one week you can sometimes see very limited results and get discouraged.  Also, I wanted to learn a little more about what I should be doing and eating and adjust accordingly.  So here’s what happened!

Measurement – First thing I did when I woke up was to measure my belly.  This was the same time of day I initially measured so I figured there would be no factors to take in such as breakfast or a workout.  I could tell my pants did feel somewhat looser but I was surprised to see I had lost an inch and a quarter!  I measured twice, just to be sure, and my first measurement was confirmed. read more